To promote solidarity, fundraising is a way for families who have been less financially impacted by this pandemic to provide temporary relief for those families experiencing a severe change in income, thereby jeopardizing their ability to pay next year’s tuition. We have organised, together with Inspired and the PaRK IS Parents Association, a fundraising campaign that will provide special scholarships for the academic year 2020-21. As a sign of our dedication to our learning community, PaRK IS, together with Inspired, have agreed to match the amount raised by the school parents that can and are willing to help. PaRK International School will also be offering some additional scholarships for the academic year 2021-21 – #NoStudentLeftBehind!

“The COVID-19 Crisis is certainly testing the wider communities resolve, but one positive that can be taken away from it is the way that we have all stood together. This Scholarship fund is our school’s way of offering support to the community that matters most for us: that is you, our schools families.”

Barbara Beck Lancastre, PaRK IS Founder and CEO

How can I help?

If you would like to participate in this initiative and support families at PaRK IS, you can participate in two ways:

  1. For current families and/or third party contributors, monetary donations may be made by bank transfer to the following account:
      1. Beneficiary: O Parque, Ensino de Crianças, SA
      2. IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 45277412554 05
  2. For current families, you may allocate one or all of the discounts you currently receive (e.g., catering, ELS discount, sibling discount) to the fundraising efforts. To do so, please send an email to the PaRK IS Finance Department (  requesting to donate one or all of your discounts. The Finance Team will credit any differences to the financial aid fund.


Can I apply?

Requests to access the Scholarship Fund can be made for any current PaRK IS student that confirmed their enrolment/re-enrolment before April 15th 2020 for the 2020-21 academic year, but due to the unforeseen circumstances of the COVID-19 Crisis, the family is now experiencing financial hardship.


How can I apply?

  1. Please fill in the official Application Form. With the application form, you will be asked to submit a financial aid form and an explanation letter. This letter is simply a personal explanation of the parents’ financial and familial situation.
  2. Applications should be made by May 15th.
  3. Upon receipt of the Application Form and explanation letter, the School Finance team and Financial Aid Committee will undertake an initial screening to ascertain if the applicant qualifies for financial aid. 
  4. Applicants who fall outside of the criteria for aid will be contacted via email within 7 days
  5. Names of candidates who qualify for financial aid will be submitted to Inspired Europe’s CEO for final approval and confirmation.
  6. Students who will receive financial aid for 2020-21 will be notified by an official letter within two weeks with the details of their scholarship benefits.

Scholarship Selection Committee

  • PaRK IS Managing Director
  • PaRK IS Head of School
  • PaRK IS Parents Association Representative – advisory role only, no active participation in the selection process


Scholarship Terms

  • Only completed applications, accompanied by all supporting documents, will be considered. 
  • Scholarships are awarded to the families in most financial need and then on a Priority Basis:
    • Priority will be firstly given to students accessing Grade 10 to be able to complete the IGCSE programme.
    • Second priority will be given to students already in the international curriculum (Grades 5 to 11) as we appreciate students reverting to the Portuguese public school system would be more difficult.
  • Scholarships can be awarded in part or in full:
    • Full annual tuition scholarship – services not included in the tuition, like extracurricular activities,, uniforms, re-enrolment fees and field trips are not included.
    • Half annual tuition scholarship – services not included in the tuition, like extracurricular activities,, uniforms, re-enrolment fees and field trips are not included.
  • Scholarships will last for the full academic year: September 2020 – August 2021.
  • Scholarships are limited in number and subject to availability. Awarding financial support will be based on ranking families according to their needs, so not every family may be awarded support. 
  • Scholarships are not transferable and where scholarships are awarded in part (IE not 100% of fees) the recipient family must pay any remaining fees outlined in the offer letter. Non-payment of fees by this date and/or changing your course start date will forfeit any scholarship awarded. 
  • Scholarships are subject to applicants meeting the entry requirements to the programme.
  • Scholarship recipients will be liable to pay any non-tuition fee items which may be required for the programme, such as materials and school uniform.