At PaRK IS, we respect, value and are committed to maintaining the privacy of each student, family and worker. Our website provides information and facilitates your interaction with us. We only collect personally identifiable data that you voluntarily submit. You can have general access to our public website without providing any personal information or being required to register with us.

The private area requires login and password and is exclusive to parents of our schools. PaRK IS wants the school to be seen as a second home for children. We want parents to have all the confidence in our team taking care of their children. All information concerning children and their families are kept confidential.

PaRK IS does not provide students and their family’s information to any foreign person or entity, unless there is an express request of their own. Occasionally, we will photograph children in school. These photographs are likely to be used for communication material of PaRK IS or in the media, unless the parents declare in writing that they do not authorize this. PaRK IS can film or photograph children making their presentations – these images can be available to school parents.

HERE you can find our privacy policy in accordance with the General System of Data Protection.