When the school premises had to close due to COVID-19, PaRK IS established a Virtual School quickly and smoothly. And now that we have our students at school again, we will offer our Virtual School for those who are prevented from returning – those who are at risk and those who have not yet managed to return to Portugal.

Integration of technology is already one of PaRK IS’s pillars and students and teachers are comfortable using it in teaching and learning. We started off not only with an already tested and adapted action plan, but also with a community of students and teachers that are already familiar with the integration of technology and e-learning platforms.

Within our design of the PaRK IS Virtual School we have retained two core elements. Firstly, the live student-teacher interaction which is fundamental to all students making progress and achieving their full potential. Students gain so much from the direct interaction with passionate and talented teachers. The second core element is the desire to maintain our personalised learning approach that treats every student as an individual and supports them pastoral and academically at all times.

Our virtual lessons have proved to be extremely successful and will continue to deliver an engaging, creative and dynamic learning programme so that every single one of our students can continue their learning supported by their teachers and alongside their friends whatever the circumstances.

If the school has to close again due to this pandemic, PaRK IS Virtual School will ensure that our students continue to work following their usual schedule, Monday to Friday, guaranteeing they have all they need to continue to excel academically and personally, balancing between on-line, off-line, physical and artistic activities to ensure high engagement and focus throughout the school day.

Check out our Virtual School Guide to know more about how we maintain the key principles of an outstanding education even off-site.

Education is certainly changing and all of us at PaRK IS are part of this change. If you would like to belong to our community, click HERE to know how to join our school.

We invite you to visit our Instagram account to see how our community of students and teachers is living this virtual experience!