If you have just moved in to the city these are some things you might like to do:


  1. Pastéis de Belém (Traditional Food)

Pastéis de Belém are one of Lisbon’s most well Known food traditions. They are small custard cakes, that have been around since 1873. The custard cakes are baked at 200ºC for a perfect golden crust. You can dust them with cinnamon and extra sugar for the perfect touch. You can walk to Pastéis de Belém from school. From our Restelo campus you just a 15 minute walk straight down until reach Belém. From our Belém campus, it is almost just around the corner. From Alfragide you need to hop in a car or bus.

Address: Rua de Belém, 84-92

Telephone: +351 213 637 423


  1. Torre de Belém (Sightseeing/ Architecture)

Also just around the corner from our Belém campus is Torre de Belém. Torre de Belém is a UNESCO World- Heritage site that epitomizes the Age of Discoveries. The views over the river are amazing. It´s an architecture spot you cannot miss!

Check it out at:


  1. Beach

Our coast has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. In fact very close to our Cascais Campus you will find the Guincho Beach. The beach lies within the Serra de Sintra National Park and offers a wild setting. It is perfect for surfers. Although it can be a bit windy the end of August and September are usually great beach days. Don’t miss out just before the school year begins!


  1. Gulbenkian (Museum)

Go for a walk in the Gardens or visit the museum. Gulbenkian is one of the most inspiring places in Lisbon. Its Art Collection holds treasures from the East and West collected by one man. This is one of the world’s finest private art collections. The gardens are inspiring and when you need a rest this is the perfect place!

Check it out at:


  1. Tourist Tours

“With Locals” are special tourist tours done by locals. This is a great way to get to know the city. If your family visits you, or if you have just arrived this can be a fun Lisbon crash course. You get to choose your destination as well as your guide. You get to experience Lisbon through the stories of photographers, anthropologists, historians and many other cool and interesting people.

Check it out at:


  1. TimeOut on Facebook

TimeOut Lisbon offers weekly inspiration of restaurants, museums and other activities on facebook. Follow them and you will get an interesting feed of new things to do in the city. For an amazing selection of restaurants at affordable prices experience the TimeOut Market near Cais do Sodré (Train Station). Lisbon’s best restaurants have gathered together to offer locals and tourists the experience of both trendy and traditional restaurants.


  1. Looking for a accommodation

These are agencies that offer rental and buying accommodation of diverse price ranges. We hope you find what you need.


Come and talk to us if you need more tips and ideas about the city. We can help!