Technology and Innovation

The school of today is the school of the future. Our students are already digital natives, even before learning to write and read. That’s why at PaRK IS technology is part of the learning process in all our subjects, even though our main focus continues to be on the student, individually, to develop their potential and guarantee the process of their future learning.

Our unique Apple BYOD programme starts in Grade 4, being iPad based until Grade 6 and has four main goals:

  • To prepare students for a 21st Century environment
  • To increase the productivity and engagement of all learners
  • To make student-centred learning a priority
  • To increase student collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication

From Grade 7 onwards, our BYOD programme uses laptops as a working tool.

PaRK IS has a specific and specialised team, the EdTech Team, with the purpose to bring people with pedagogical and technical skills together to support the school community. This team installs the MDM service that allows all devices to be regulated and managed in compliance with the most up-to-date GPRD, making sure our students make the best of their devices while keeping safe online and helping them manage installed software and apps.

Our teachers have ongoing training with our EdTech Team, which are Google Certified Educators Level 2, certified Apple techs and Microsoft Portugal.

PaRK IS was the first (and only!) school in Portugal with official content published in Apple Stores, such as iBooks. This means that our teachers composed syllabuses that were used worldwide.

At PaRK IS we treat technology as another tool to access and develop information.

Technology and Innovation

At PaRK IS we have technology integrated into the curriculum.

Technology and Innovation

Our teachers have ongoing training with certified Apple and Microsoft techs.

Technology and Innovation

We create our own content material, available on iBooks & Digital Subject Workbooks.