The Well-Being Department aims to create a respectful and safe school environment for all the school community members by fostering a school culture and environment that supports everyone, taking into account their physical, social, emotional and intellectual aspects to promote the best in each one of them.

By promoting an environment of respect and trust, where students, families and staff feel safe, respected, welcome and valued makes it possible to have a place where you can discuss ideas, express concerns and find answers to challenges, always showing respect for one other.

A Positive Discipline mind-set, Quiet Time, Social Skills and Global Perspectives routines, along with a well prepared and specialised psychology department are pivotal to have a unique school culture, which complements the academic preparation, making a difference in society and in the present and future lives of PaRK IS students.

At PaRK International School the uniqueness of each individual and the diversity of our community are celebrated, and we invite you to come see for yourself – come and visit us!