Healthy and Tasty Meals to Boost Your Child's Performance

In all stages of a student’s life, from the early years to senior school, it is essential to have a balanced, nutrient-rich diet to support their learning outcomes and academic performance levels, increasing their chances of success and happiness.

Together with our catering partners, Go Natural, we provide a variety of healthy, tasty and nutritious food for all our students on a daily basis. This enhances our students' healthy eating habits from an early age and ensures they are eating a well-balanced diet which will have a positive impact on their school performance levels and overall well-being.

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Food Made with Love and the Best Ingredients

Passionate about health with flavour, Go Natural's offer focuses on balance, new ingredients and combinations, providing complete and healthy meals.

The school menus are updated monthly to ensure the best quality of fresh, seasonal ingredients whilst meeting the nutritional and cultural needs of our students.

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Healthy and Nutritionally-Balanced Options

We guarantee that all the meals we serve our students are created by a chef and approved by a nutritionist. Thus, we can offer everyone creative and deliciously balanced dishes. We provide vegetarian options daily for vegetarian students and staff as well as a salad bar. Please communicate any food allergies or intolerances to a member of staff so we can accommodate your child's needs.

Education for a Sustainable Future

With the aim of building a better future, we teach our students the importance of sustainability with the support of Go Natural. From the choice of seasonal ingredients to recycling at school, our goal is to involve students in good practices inside and outside the classroom.

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