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Junior School - Grades 1 to 5

Our exclusive Primary School education in Lisbon across the three PaRK IS campuses offers a solid basis for outstanding academic achievement in the following years. At this stage, students receive an enriched and customised Junior School education that maximises their learning outcomes and guides them towards academic excellence. Our Primary Education programme combines the best elements of the National Portuguese Curriculum and the Cambridge Curriculum, and parents have the flexibility to choose between a unique Bilingual Stream or an English Stream for their children up until Grade 4. From Grade 5 onwards, pupils follow the International Cambridge curriculum, setting the foundations for success in Senior School.

At our Primary School in Lisbon, students are encouraged to enjoy learning and to be the seekers of their own knowledge. Our educational approach integrates project work, personalised one-to-one teaching, autonomous work and a strong emphasis on communication and technology. As a result, our young learners become curious, knowledgeable, solution-oriented, resilient, empathetic, and driven for success.

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Why Choose Our Primary School in Lisbon?

In our Primary School in Lisbon, all curriculum materials are addressed in a holistic and multidisciplinary manner in both the Bilingual and English pathways. Our learners engage in a project-based learning approach and have bi-weekly social skills lessons that develop their emotional intelligence. These allow them to acquire an inquisitive profile, think critically, collaborate with others and develop their research capacity. They also acquire valuable communication and public speaking skills in both Portuguese and English by presenting their work to the class, in assemblies and to their families. 

Our Autonomous Learning Time component incentivises students to take responsibility for their performance and educational progress. Choosing which content to work on during this time allows them to develop subjects of their interest, leading to better global and specific results, as students become motivated to achieve academic success.

Additionally, our young explorers benefit from an individualised approach and differentiation strategies by having two teachers in the classroom supporting their learning development, allowing us to personalise the programme to the needs of each student. As a result, they will build a robust learning foundation to achieve excellent results in Senior School and beyond. Our Junior School has a waiting list.

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Primary School Curriculum

In our Primary School in Lisbon, our pupils in Grades 1 to 4  can choose to follow either the Bilingual Stream or the English Stream programme (Alfragide campus only):

Lisbon Bilingual Primary School

Bilingual Stream

The Bilingual Stream for Grades 1 to 4 is the natural progression of the bilingual system that began in the Early Learning years. By the end of Grade 4, students are bilingual in comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing in Portuguese and English. Therefore, in Grade 5, pupils will be ready for a fully international education whose instruction is solely done in English.

For the Bilingual Stream, we follow the Portuguese Ministry of Education Primary Years Curriculum coupled with the Cambridge Curriculum for the English subject. Portuguese is taught in Portuguese, while Mathematics (two out of seven hours a week are taught in English), and Social Studies (depending on the topic) are taught in both languages. All other subjects – English, Physical Education, Arts, Dance, Drama, Music and Digital Technology – are taught in English.


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English Stream

In our Primary Education in Lisbon, the English Stream for Grades 1 to 4 in our Alfragide Campus follows the Cambridge Key Stage 1 and 2 curricula, with some adaptations from the Portuguese Ministry of Education Primary curriculum. All subjects are taught in English, except for Portuguese. English, Mathematics and Social Studies are taught by the Homeroom teacher, while Physical Education, Arts, Dance, Drama, Music and Digital Technology are taught by specialist teachers. 

This programme allows international students to experience a Portuguese environment and culture while learning English and respecting it as a global language for full content acquisition. Pupils will have the opportunity to develop Portuguese as a second language in speaking, reading, and writing, with 3 hours of this subject per week.


Lisbon Primary School with English Programme

Grade 5 (International Curriculum)

From Grade 5, in our Alfragide campus, all students follow the Cambridge International Curriculum (Key Stage 2), which is only taught in English. This renowned international curriculum gains an academic advantage over national curriculums due to the flexibility of its syllabus. Grade 5 pupils follow all the key stages of the international curriculum, developing the necessary skills to succeed in our globalised world.

At PaRK IS Alfragide, Grade 5 children have access to an enriched Junior School programme where the Cambridge Mathematics curriculum is complemented with topics from the Portuguese National curriculum, ensuring all content is covered. The open-ended character of the curriculum allows us to continue to emphasise the Portuguese Language and History while, at the same time, implementing the Cambridge International programme.


Primary School Programme Approach

Our exclusive Primary Education in Lisbon is based on:

Lisbon Elementary School learning

Project-Based Learning

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Lisbon Junior School subjects


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Autonomous Work

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Class Meetings & Class Organisation

Primary educational programme in Lisbon

Primary School Subjects

In Primary Education, our pupils have the opportunity to explore a diverse range of subjects, fostering the development of a strong and comprehensive knowledge base, focusing on academics, arts, sports, and soft skills. Technology is also key: in addition to a wide variety of devices available to children, it is integrated into all subjects, learning and projects.

Academic Subjects:

  • Autonomous Learning Time (ALT)
  • English 
  • Digital Technology- iPad one-to-one programme G4+ 
  • Drama
  • Mathematics 
  • Music 
  • Physical Education
  • Portuguese 
  • Arts (Grades 1 - 4)
  • Social Studies (Grades 1 - 4)
  • Design & Technology (Grade 5)
  • History and Geography of Portugal (Grade 5)
  • Science (Grade 5)
  • Visual Arts (Grade 5)
Other Subjects:
Social Skills
MyTime (Grade 5)
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Campus in Lisbon for Primary students
Junior School classroom in Lisbon

Our Primary School Facilities in Lisbon

In our three campuses, our Junior School classrooms are modern, luminous spaces that promote great learning experiences and are designed around our primary education pedagogical model, with different areas allowing for teaching, communication, autonomous learning time, project work and technology integration.

In addition to academics, students have access to exceptional sports facilities and purpose-designed spaces for visual and performing arts. For a detailed list of each campus' facilities, please click the buttons below:

Alfragide Campus Facilities

Praça de Espanha Campus Facilities

Restelo Campus Facilities

Primary School Activities

Our Junior School academic curriculum is enhanced by the inclusion of creative and performing arts subjects, sports, and technology. We also prioritise the development of social skills through dedicated sessions and House competitions, which start in Grade 1.

Furthermore, Primary pupils engage in regular School Assemblies and diverse extracurricular options. These opportunities allow students to explore their interests and cultivate new skills beyond the standard Primary School curriculum.

Lisbon Primary School Sports programmes


Music programme of Junior School in Lisbon


Lisbon Primary years Drama curriculum


Elementary Schools Lisbon with art class

Creative Arts

Technology at Primary Schools of Lisbon


Lisbon Elementary Student Skills

Social Skills

Additional Activities at Junior School

In a global, ever-changing world, it is important to know how to pause. With this in mind, we introduced a daily moment for children to meditate. By doing this, we teach students how to focus, stay calm and stop to reflect whenever needed.

Once a week, Grade 5 students have the opportunity to work in the areas they enjoy most, helping them develop creativity and curiosity. The school offers a wide range of activities and each student chooses the activity that interests them most. Whether it’s sport, art, music, drama or technology, students can choose an activity that they are passionate about and learn new (or improve existing) skills.

Intervention Groups
We want our students to grow up communicative, with empathy and solidarity. We therefore offer intervention groups in Junior School to support group learning (be it spelling, reading, or maths, among others).

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