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PaRK IS Praça de Espanha School

1 Year Olds to Grade 4 | Early Learning & Junior School

Our private school in Praça de Espanha offers an extraordinary bilingual education in English and Portuguese to all students, with two highly qualified educators in each classroom. With a supportive environment, our multicultural student community can have the best start to their education and develop their emotional and interpersonal skills.

Our Early Learning School children explore a Reggio Emilia-inspired curriculum, while our Junior School students benefit from a unique blend of the Portuguese and Cambridge International curricula, leading to exceptional learning outcomes. This bespoke education, which also features sports, arts and technology, successfully prepares learners to excel in the following school years at our Alfragide campus.

At our school in Praça de Espanha, students enjoy a remarkable educational journey that develops curiosity, creativity, and communication skills. We nurture every child's love for learning, supporting them to become well-rounded individuals who can enhance their unique talents and reach their maximum potential.

Why Choose Our School in Praça de Espanha?

Open since 2017, our school in Praça de Espanha is based on a beautiful historic townhouse which holds a Valmor award from the 1940s.* Situated in the heart of central Lisbon, our campus is the most well-connected of all PaRK IS campuses, providing easy access to families living in and around the city.

Our nurturing school environment fosters academic excellence and the best learning outcomes through an innovative approach, featuring project-based learning, personalised support, autonomous work, communication, positive discipline, social skills training and technology integration. Additionally, our school is home to the Atelier, a unique space dedicated to exploration and creativity, encouraging our students' holistic development.

Our students benefit from an extensive extracurricular programme to further develop their individual interests and talents, spanning arts, sports, and personal development. With an education from PaRK International School in Praça de Espanha, your child will gain a robust knowledge base and balanced skill set, enabling them to excel in subsequent years and their personal lives.

The results speak for themselves - our school is almost always full. We recommend that parents apply at least one year in advance to secure a place for their child.

*The Valmor Municipal Architecture Prize aims to reward the architectural quality of new buildings constructed in Lisbon and has been awarded since 1902.


Colegio Bilingue Praça de Espanha

A Truly Bilingual Curriculum from ELS to Junior School

A unique bilingual curriculum that immerses students in both English and Portuguese from the age of 1, providing them with valuable language skills and a global perspective.

Praca de Espanha Colegio localizacao

An Award-Winning School Building in the Heart of Lisbon

Our exemplary school is strategically located in the city centre, with fantastic links to public transport, providing easy access to families living in and around the city.

Atividades nas escolas da Praça de Espanha

An Extensive Extracurricular Programme

Children can explore a wide range of activities to enhance their talents and skills in a holistic learning experience, from sports to PaRK Music Academy

Praca de Espanha Colegio com Ensino Bilingue

A Happy & Familiar Environment

Our school provides a welcoming, nurturing and happy environment to a diverse multicultural community where children, families and staff feel valued, leading to exceptional learning outcomes.

Academic Stages at PaRK IS Praça de Espanha

Bilingual Education in Praca de Espanha area

A Truly Bilingual Education at Our School in Praça de Espanha

At our Praça de Espanha campus, we provide an extraordinary bilingual education for ages 1 to 10.

Our Early Learning programme is focused on providing a bilingual environment that allows our youngest students to learn both Portuguese and English naturally, with one teacher speaking only in Portuguese and another only in English. We embrace a project and play-based approach with positive discipline, with inspiration from the Reggio Emilia philosophy, allowing children to explore all aspects of the curriculum in both languages, from Maths, Science, reading, and writing. We prioritise a student-driven education and develop their curiosity, autonomy, motivation, empathy, and love for learning.

Our Junior School's bilingual programme from Grades 1 to 4 combines elements of the National Portuguese Curriculum and the Cambridge International Curriculum, offering an enriched and customised educational programme to maximise learning. By the end of Grade 4, students are bilingual in comprehension, speaking, reading and writing, ready for the fully international education (taught in English) starting in Grade 5 at our Alfragide campus. Our Junior School programme offers a solid foundation for students to achieve academic excellence in the subsequent educational stages.


Discover Our Captivating Facilities

Our commitment to excellence does not end here. We continuously strive to improve and expand our facilities, ensuring that our students have access to the best resources.

At Praça de Espanha Campus, we offer:

Praca de Espanha School building

Inspiring Campus Facilities

We take pride in providing a visually appealing environment that stimulates creativity and curiosity in children. Our campus offers modern facilities within a historic building, including a sustainable playground that encourages outdoor play and hands-on learning experiences. The playground's design ensures that children can explore and learn in a safe and eco-friendly setting, including a tree house, climbing wall and a mud kitchen. The school facilities are designed to encourage self-expression, problem-solving, and critical thinking, enabling your child to develop a strong foundation for their future academic success.

Programme of Bilingual Schools in Praca de Espanha

The Atelier

Our school is home to a very special place - the Atelier, which serves as a dedicated space for creative investigation. In the Atelier, children are encouraged to explore various techniques and materials, similar to a lab, where they can experiment, innovate, and discover new possibilities. Through the use of engaging elements such as projections, light and shadow games, music, and carefully chosen materials, we aim to form an inviting and stimulating environment that nurtures exploration and self-expression. Clay is the key feature of our atelier.

Schools close to Praca de Espanha

Modern Classrooms with Technology Tools

Our classrooms are designed to be engaging and conducive to learning. Equipped with the latest educational technology and resources, each classroom offers an immersive learning environment that fosters curiosity and active participation.

Praca de Espanha School facilities

Multi-purpose Gymnasium

Our multi-purpose gym serves as a hub for various physical activities within the curriculum and some extracurricular activities, including drama, dance, and physical education. Through these activities, students not only stay fit but also learn essential life skills such as teamwork, discipline, and perseverance.

Students of Praca de Espanha Schools

Explore Our Extracurricular Activities at Praça de Espanha

Several fun extracurricular activities are available after school at our Praça de Espanha Campus. Activities include several music options from our PaRK Music Academy in Praça de Espanha, Visual Arts, dance, martial arts, individual and team sports and engaging personal development activities, including creative writing, chess, and technology.

In addition to being an opportunity for students to develop other areas of interest, these activities promote healthy growth and contribute to making more complete, happier individuals. Some of our extracurricular options take place off-campus with our carefully selected partners, ensuring we can offer even more activities to our students, notably football at SCP Academy, swimming and surf.


Extracurricular Activities

PaRK Music Academy

A Word from Our Head of School in Praça de Espanha

Head of School in Praca de Espanha

Welcome to PaRK International School Praça de Espanha Campus! Being a part of our school is to embark on a unique educational journey. Our school culture is rooted in an innovative mindset, which is the key to helping our students grow as individuals who embrace change, adapt to it, and make a positive impact on the world.

Our rigorous curriculum allows students to gain in-depth experiences across various fields of knowledge. From the 1-year-old classrooms to Grade 4, we foster a bilingual environment where each child's pace and personal motivation, supported by our dedicated and skilled staff, set the foundation for an individualised programme. This approach promotes strong relationships, positive reinforcement, and the development of knowledge, skills, and responsibility.

At PaRK IS, we believe that happiness is the first step towards effective, meaningful learning. With this in mind, we cultivate a positive attitude and encourage students to always strive for their best. We learn from one another and respect the diverse cultures and experiences that each individual brings, making diversity a catalyst for growth and instilling values such as empathy, trust, and respect.

Our private school in Praça de Espanha offers a unique Atelier space, exclusive to our campus. This is a space where children can expand their experiences and engage in creative projects through exploratory dynamisation. This studio-like environment integrates multiple expressive languages into weekly planning, fostering creativity, imagination, critical thinking, discovery, trial and error, and moments of reflection.

Located in a wonderful and well-connected neighbourhood in the Lisbon city centre, our Praça de Espanha school offers several chances for spontaneous or planned outings, including walks through the neighbourhood, visits to the Lisbon Zoo, the Gulbenkian Foundation, Parque Ribeiro Telles, and access to local commerce, thereby transforming these experiences into valuable learning opportunities. We believe that curiosity is the essence of wisdom, and we strive to nurture children's desire to discover and learn about the world around them.

At PaRK IS, we encourage and inspire children to unleash their full potential, celebrating the joy of learning and the significant role each individual can play in shaping the world. Come and experience our school firsthand!

Cristina Marques, Executive Head of School & Head of Early Learning

More Information about the Praça de Espanha Campus

School Address:

Av. Columbano Bordalo Pinheiro, 52 1070-064 Lisboa

School Schedule

Opening Hours: 8 am to 6h30 pm (Extension Period: 6 pm – 6h30 pm)

School Schedule: 8 am to 6 pm


Teaching Schedule

1-2 Year Olds: 9:30 am to 4:00 pm

3-5 Year Olds: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Grade 1 to 4: 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

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Do you want your child to continue their education at PaRK International School after Grade 4?

Praça de Espanha students can move to the Alfragide Campus in Grade 5 to continue their PaRK IS education, having priority over external students. Grade 4 students visit the Alfragide campus at the end of the school year to discover the facilities and meet their new teachers and peers for a smoother transition into Grade 5.

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