We work collaboratively between ourselves and with the rest of the world. We understand that success often comes from opening up our work to fuse the ideas of others.


We are holistic communicators. We learn to communicate in Portuguese and English and understand the importance of languages in our increasingly globalized world. We understand that communication is also dance, drama and visual arts. Even Mathematics is a form of communication.


We put ourselves in other people’s shoes. We think about the point of view of others. We connect with our community and the world.


We are confident learners. We are optimistic and diligent. This allows us to keep trying even when our original ideas don’t work like we have imagined. We believe that setbacks can be transformed into advantages and we value our unique perspectives and stories.


Curiosity is the defining trait of wisdom. We are motivated by a desire to discover the unfamiliar and we enjoy surprises. We enjoy knowing more about the world around us.


We are risk-takers. We see failure as a common step of the learning process. We learn to fail better at each try. We push ourselves beyond our limits and adopt a resilient mind-set.


We are empowered by our own reflections. We use our questions to move us forward. What can I change? What can I do to make this happen? We understand that reflection is an imperative step towards success.


We are problem-solvers and encourage innovation. We are creative across all disciplines and we are creative at play. We think laterally and across disciplines in order to build our perspective of the world around us.


We respect ourselves and we respect others. Our thoughts and actions are aligned. We practice integrity and honesty.


We are autonomous. We put the Student Profile into practice by connecting our skills and abilities with the questions and problems we encounter. We are motivated by the freedom to acquire knowledge and apply it in a way that is meaningful to us. We direct our own lives.


We are intrinsically motivated for high performance and sharp thinking. We have the desire to continuously do better. We strive for flow and mastery in our academic activities. 


We embrace challenge and persevere in the face of adversity and set-back. We use feedback positively to assess how to recover and regain momentum.