At PaRK IS we believe that our students should grow up with healthy habits. One of our main objectives is to inspire them to be passionate about sports and physical activity during and after their time at school, so that they can lead by example and motivate others. Physical Education classes, along with sports events, competitions and extracurricular sporting activities have a positive impact on all students, from increased motivation to commitment and happiness.

In our schools, every child has the opportunity to take part in a physical activity on a regular basis, and to become active, self-confident and competent. Through sports, our students explore and learn essential concepts such as fellowship, fair-play, teamwork, leadership, organisation, resilience and respect. We aim to provide students with the necessary tools to autonomously participate in sporting activities throughout their lives.
At PaRK IS we offer our students a wide range of sporting and physical activities in an international environment (from in-house events such as Sports Day or Houses events, to competing with other schools from Portugal and abroad), as these contribute to the development of their personality and to enrich their learning experience.

To take part in all these events, we created PaRK IS Team, which offers activities on a weekly basis, from Lower Junior (Divisions 6 and 5) to Senior School (Divisions 4, 3 and Varsity). This is a great way to prepare young sports players for different tournaments and to practise other sports such as athletics, basketball, football and volleyball throughout the school year.
Physical Education and Sports are one of the core strengths of PaRK IS education programme. We hope that it can be a major contribution for an active, healthy, happy and inspiring adult life for your children.


PE lessons offer a minimum of 2 hours of fun and engaging activities every week.


PaRK IS offers a wide selection of extracurricular activities to fit every student's preference.


The PaRK IS Team prepares students for sports tournaments, giving them the opportunity to compete with other schools' teams.