Passionate and committed to sport? Inspired Sports is for driven students with aspirations to become accomplished athletes and players. The programme offers an individualised education for students from Grade 5 to Grade 12, that incorporates sports into academic progress and school life. Students can dedicate themselves to their sport of choice, during the school timetable.

At PaRK International School we believe in providing a balanced structure between the development of a particular ability, with the demands of an academic life. As an Inspired school we offer a premium education with proven credentials in embedding sports within the curriculum.

Who is eligible?

Inspired Sports is open for students who are:

  • In Grade 5 to Grade 12 (Grade 9 to 12 students need approval from Deputy Head Academics)
  • A member of a federation
  • Committed to sport, academic study, and the school




From our Inspired Sports at PaRK IS students

My name is Domingos, and I’m 17 years old. PaRK IS sponsored my participation in the US taekwondo world championship in 2019, in which I won 4th place. It was a thrilling opportunity to travel to the States, and to represent my school and sport at such a high-level and prestigious event.


Domingos Esteves de Oliveira

Why become an Inspired Sports student?

The best outcomes in both sports and academics

Led by our Head of Sports, Bruno Soares, the sports programme provides the personalised tutoring that enables athletes to excel. Working closely with the Deputy Head Academics and sports coaches, our Head of Sports can ensure academic progress develops in conjunction with sports advancement.


Our Head of Sports

Our Head of Sports Bruno Soares studied Sports Science at Faculdade de Motricidade Humana in Portugal and has over 15 years of experience in education. Bruno has been working at PaRK IS since 2007, working his way up from Physical Education Teacher to Head of Sports, and leader of the Inspired Sports Network. Past experience includes competing in basketball at a high level and coaching all ages. He is a surf lover and nature explorer, and a huge fan of all sports, believing they play an essential role in the development of a student's personality.


Benefit from an adaptable timetable

The sports programme allows the flexibility to attend more training sessions and enter competitions. Students can catch up on anything they’ve missed through recorded lessons and extra work via Google Classroom.

Look after your mind and body

Physical and mental well-being are vital to sporting and academic success; the Inspired Sports Programme includes one psychological session and one nutrition session per term.

Inspired’s history of success

As an Inspired school, our sports students benefit from the Inspired history of delivering sports programme that produce world class athletes. Opportunities are maximised to obtain sports scholarships at top universities.


Be an ambassador for the school

As a student-athlete in the Inspired Sports Programme, a high level of commitment is required. Students can follow their sporting dream and take active participation in the sports they are passionate about. In return, a level of responsibility is demanded when catching up on missed lessons and to ensure all assessments are completed in line with the teachers’ expectations.

PaRK IS is already home to talented and keen learners. To join the sports programme, students must have demonstrated a good attitude towards learning and be a kind and respectful member of the school community.

How the programme works

To maximise the full benefits of taking part in the programme, students can enrol in term 1 or term 2, but not in term 3, and should enrolled students wish to leave they must complete the full term first.

Sports students will follow the same curriculum as all PaRK IS students, attending the cycle tests and exams schedules; exceptions may apply for internal assessments when a sports student is at a competition.

Successfully enrolled and attitudinally engaged students will be able to renew their membership annually.



An additional 110€ per term/ 330€ per school year.

Push yourself to be the best


PaRK IS is proud to achieve high grades each year.


Due to the high standard and level of enthusiasm and commitment that our Inspired Sports Programme students show, in the event that a student does not show a good attitude towards learning and fails to show the responsibility needed to catch up with missed classes, sadly they will be removed from the programme. This is to maintain our high academic standards, and to enable all our other students to excel at the sport they love.