A Level Education at PaRK IS Alfragide

The Cambridge International Advanced Level (A Level) qualification is a comprehensive two-year educational programme designed for students aged 16 to 19 years, serving as a rigorous preparation for higher education and beyond. Widely acknowledged by universities around the world, A Levels provide a thorough and specialised curriculum that equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary for success in their chosen university courses.

Available at PaRK IS from September 2024, the programme will provide a wide range of Cambridge International AS and A Levels subjects. Students typically choose between three and four subjects to study in-depth in Grades 11 and 12, allowing for a more focused and specialised curriculum tailored to their interests and future aspirations.

The A Level pathway ensures broad subject knowledge, refined study and life skills, and qualifications that open doors to the best universities and careers in Portugal and internationally. The A Level pathway at our school is not just a means to academic excellence; it is a transformative programme that prepares students for the intellectual rigours of university life while nurturing a genuine passion for learning and enquiry.


Benefits of Studying A Levels

The Cambridge International A Level pathway for Grades 11 and 12 stands out as one of the most esteemed and widely recognised pre-university programmes, meticulously designed to equip students for the challenges of university-level education. This comprehensive programme not only imparts a robust academic foundation but also cultivates the essential skills required for success in higher education, namely independent learning, creativity, critical thinking, and analytical skills. A Levels qualifications are the perfect gateway for those aspiring to secure admission to leading universities in Portugal and abroad.

Advanced Levels aim to establish a solid foundation in specific academic disciplines, which students can explore in depth. The individually chosen subjects within the programme allow students to delve into specialised areas of interest, and engage in self-directed research, aligning with both their academic pursuits and future career aspirations.

Global Academic & Career Prospects

Achieving good A Level results demonstrates exceptional subject knowledge, placing our students in a favourable position when applying to leading universities & careers in Portugal and abroad.

Preparation to Excel at University

Our rigorous academic standards and curriculum at A Level fully prepare students with the depth of knowledge & skills required to succeed at their chosen university courses in leading institutions.

Acquisition of 21st Century Skills

A Level students develop critical & logical thinking alongside great communication skills. They can present well-structured arguments, apply knowledge to new situations and make decisions based on evidence.


Why Choose PaRK IS to Study A Levels?

The A Levels programme at PaRK IS Alfragide offers students a combination of academic rigour and personalised support. Students are guided by our expert teachers, tutors, and university counsellors alongside an attentive well-being department, ensuring each receives the assistance they need to thrive academically and personally. Our expert team is committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals ready for the challenges of higher education and beyond.

Our focus is not only on academic excellence but also on the holistic development of all A Level students throughout these two years. Learners can select from a comprehensive range of subjects within this gold-standard international programme, tailoring their options to align with their passions and university and career aspirations. Students are also encouraged to participate in community service activities, including PaRK IS’ unique Fellowship Programme, as well as enriching co-curricular clubs to explore different interests and talents, such as Business, Chess, Drama, Journalism, Music, Choir, Design and Photography clubs, in addition to the international Duke of Edinburgh Award and Model United Nations.

Additionally, A Level learners take full advantage of PaRK IS’ exceptional facilities to enhance their learning experience: well-equipped, luminous classrooms and science and technology labs, quiet study areas for senior students, extensive sports facilities, and a wide range of visual and performing arts rooms, including a professional auditorium for Drama and Music presentations.


A-Level Curriculum

Students on the A Level pathway at PaRK IS will typically choose 4 subjects to study in Grade 11, fully supported by our teachers and counsellors to ensure their options are aligned with their university course aspirations, as universities will have different requirements. 

Designed by Cambridge International, the A Level curriculum is delivered as a two-year programme: 

AS Year 
In Grade 11, students choose 4 A Level subject options, allowing them to establish a knowledge foundation in each one. They can take external examinations set and marked by the Cambridge International Examination Board at the end of Grade 11 and may choose to end their study of the subjects at this point, obtaining an “AS” - Advanced Supplementary Level qualification. AS Levels can count towards university entry requirements in many countries.

A2 Year 
In Grade 12, the final school year at PaRK IS, students enhance their knowledge and overall understanding of their chosen subjects and study skills. Learners generally continue with 3 subjects at this stage (although some can still take 4) and obtain complete A Level certifications in those subjects following exams set and marked by the Cambridge International Examination Board at the end of Grade 12.


AS & A Level Subjects

Students can select 3 or 4 subjects from the list below (they should align their choices with the requirements of the university course they would like to pursue):

  • AS / A Level Biology 
  • AS / A Level Design & Technology 
  • AS / A Level Business 
  • AS / A Level Geography 
  • AS / A Level Global Perspectives 
  • AS / A Level Mathematics 
  • AS Level Spanish Language
  • A Level Spanish Language and Literature 
  • AS / A  Level Portuguese

Note: All courses are subject to demand