Early Learning School

According to scientific research, children develop their intelligence in the early years. For this reason, at PaRK IS we have created a programme that enables the child to explore and maximise their individual skills, so that they feel ready for the challenges that lie ahead.  

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Junior School

It is important every child gains the confidence and strong foundations for the years to come, as well as the love for learning.

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Senior School

By Grade 7, students have made the complete transition to the International Curriculum.

Then, for Grades 9-10, we offer the international IGCSE Programme (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) to our students.

Finally, the IB Diploma Programme (DP) is a two-year international education programme designed for Grades 11 and 12.

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Creative and Performing Arts

At PaRK IS, creative and performing arts are just another tool to help our students express their ideas and emotions. Our students have Arts, Drama and Music lessons as part of their curriculum.

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PaRK IS helps students grow up with the habits of healthy individuals who like sports and physical activities. Through sports our children learn about teamwork and fellowship. We encourage all students to give their best and be happy with their accomplishments.

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Technology and Innovation

At PaRK IS we have technology integrated into the curriculum, giving our students a number of tools that can be used in problem solving and in their academic career. 

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PaRK IS Virtual School

Integration of technology is already one of PaRK IS’s pillars and students and teachers are comfortable using it in teaching and learning. 

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