At PaRK International School we teach children the skills and give them the tools to become bilingual, curious, collaborative, caring, autonomous and agile learners while achieving their personal best in a fast moving world.

We are highly committed to guiding and inspiring students to be successful and happy in their adult lives.

PaRK International School is focused on the mind and heart of its students and staff. Students will leave our school prepared for academic excellence, proficient in more than one language and comfortable with exploring their own academic curiosity through research and exploration. Students will make lifelong friends and learn about the importance of service within one’s neighbourhood and the World. We are determined to guide each student in overcoming their individual challenges by using and developing their strengths and by working hard. Students will learn to embrace failure as a necessary step for growth. They will learn to be comfortable stepping out of their comfort zones and constantly challenging themselves. Practicing these values of academic excellence and personal growth will guide our students to live a productive and happy life.

Together, teachers, staff and students explore exciting academic and personal journeys and frontiers. Welcome to PaRK IS!