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Pedagogical Head of Schools Lisbon

At PaRK IS, we firmly believe that happiness lies at the heart of education as it plays a central role in motivating students to engage in meaningful and high-quality learning experiences. We have developed a distinctive pedagogical approach that seamlessly combines an outstanding academic programme with the emotional and personal growth of our students, enabling them to unleash their full potential in a balanced manner, from Early Learning to the IB Diploma Programme.

In our three campuses in the Lisbon area, innovation is the driving force behind our educational approach, igniting the spirit of creativity and encouraging our dedicated staff and students to explore novel ideas and adapt to change.

Our bilingual and international programmes are designed to facilitate communication across borders and the integration of families arriving from different parts of the world, thus creating a truly multicultural school environment. Nurturing a supportive community that treasures empathy and respect, we strive to promote understanding and collaboration among parents, teachers, and students alike.

From the age of 1 to the moment they turn 18, we prioritise the well-being of our students, fostering their physical, emotional, and mental health. To achieve this, our dedicated Well-Being team provides endless support and is responsible for the Social Skills sessions, the Fellowship programme, and other enriching initiatives that cater to each student's unique needs, effectively preparing them for the future.

Sports and creative and performing arts are essential pillars in our pedagogical approach, not only within the curriculum but also through a diverse array of extracurricular activities. Across our campuses, students have ample opportunities to explore an extensive range of sports and artistic pursuits, encompassing individual and team sports, visual arts, drama, dance, and our esteemed PaRK Music Academy. Through these activities, they can discover and cultivate their interests and passions.

Combined with a strong commitment to academic excellence, these core principles and values culminate in an educational experience that nurtures resilience, compassion, rigour, and a great dedication to performing at one's best in an ever-changing world.

Being part of PaRK International School presents the invaluable opportunity to learn in an innovative and happy environment - join us!

Marta Villarinho Pereira - Pedagogical Head of Schools

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Inspiring Students for 20+ Years

Open since 2003, PaRK IS has grown and evolved with its students and has always been highly committed to its mission of guiding and inspiring them to be successful and happy in their adult lives. In each of our three unique campuses, PaRK IS is focused on the minds and hearts of its community. 

Our students practise a hard-working, curious and resilient mindset supported by a rigorous learning environment and curriculum that brings together different people, cultures and ideas. We provide a demanding international educational model, which also honours our school's Portuguese roots. Our dynamic approach empowers students to thrive in our interconnected world with essential skills like collaboration, creativity, communication, and critical thinking, preparing future global leaders.

Students will leave PaRK IS prepared for academic excellence, proficient in more than one language and comfortable with exploring their own academic curiosity through research. They will make lifelong friends and learn about the importance of service within one’s neighbourhood and the world.

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Our Vision

At PaRK IS we have a passion for education, innovation and technology. We view technology as a global language and believe that understanding it allows our students to excel in our ever-changing world.

Our culture and ethics are grounded on a firm belief in teamwork and research. We constantly look for the best practices to put our mission and curriculum into action in a meaningful way. Our inclusive environment fosters cultural understanding and celebrates global perspectives. On the other hand, our certified international curricula guarantee top-quality education and transparent grading standards, opening the doors to the best universities worldwide.

We believe that each student is unique and deserves to be treated as such, which is why we use individualised teaching and learning methods. We offer real-life preparation with practical lessons that ensure relevance and readiness for the future.

We mentor our students to give their best effort and become leaders who inspire those around them. We help them overcome their individual challenges by developing their strengths and by working hard.

Our strong commitment to providing excellent education is what makes PaRK IS a successful and unique school with a motivated staff and student body.


A Heritage of Happiness & Success Spanning 20 Years


After developing the O Parque school project for a year, which aimed to offer Portuguese families a new high-quality educational option, we opened the first O Parque school in Taguspark. One year later, we opened a second sponsored school in Lisbon: O Parque Assembleia da República, offering nursery, 1- and 2-year-old classes.


Inauguration of the first non-sponsored school: O Parque Belém, open to the public and offering Daycare (1-2) and Kindergarten (3-5), with a strong focus on the English language.


Primary School is inaugurated in a new site, O Parque Restelo, offering a bilingual curriculum. O Parque Assembleia da República closes.


Inauguration of a new O Parque school in Cascais, offering Daycare (1-2) and Kindergarten (3-5).


O Parque Bilingual Schools becomes PaRK International School, opening Grade 7 in Lisbon, offering an international education from Upper Junior School.


PaRK International School opens a new school – PaRK IS Praça de Espanha – offering Nursery, Daycare and Kindergarten.


PaRK IS joins Inspired, a leading group of premium schools around the globe. Primary School is now offered at PaRK IS Praça de Espanha. O Parque Taguspark closes.


A new campus in Alfragide welcomes our Belém, Restelo and Alfragide students. A refurbished Restelo Campus opens to welcome new students from 1 Year Old to Grade 4.


PaRK IS receives the certification to teach the IB Diploma Programme – we are now an IB World School!


First Graduating IB Diploma cohort with an outstanding average IB score of 35 points. PaRK IS Cascais closes to give way to the first King’s College School in Portugal, also an Inspired school.

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