Lower Secondary Education in Lisbon, Alfragide

Our Lower Senior School in Alfragide offers the Cambridge International Curriculum Key Stage 3 for students from Grades 6 to 8 (ages 12 to 14 years). This programme provides a great foundation for success in the IGCSE, A Levels and IB Diploma stages.

In these first three years of Senior School, students develop academic rigour in terms of subject-specific knowledge, understanding and skills. Teaching continues to follow the PaRK IS methodology, namely autonomous learning and project work, encouraging interdisciplinary thinking and greater use of technology as a tool for learning. In Lower Senior School, students are encouraged to experiment with different approaches to learning and take responsibility for their educational progress. Our pedagogical model helps students make challenging questions, think critically and develop their research abilities.

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Why Choose Our Lower Senior School in Alfragide, Lisbon?

In our Lower Senior School in Alfragide, students have the opportunity to explore a diverse range of subjects from a globally recognised curriculum. They develop a robust and comprehensive knowledge base, focusing on academics, arts, sports, technology and life skills, taking full advantage of our school's exceptional facilities.

The academic breadth of the Lower Secondary programme, alongside personalised support from our specialised teachers, prepares students to achieve excellent results in the following years of Senior School and promotes high levels of autonomy and teamwork through project-based learning.

The open-ended character of the Cambridge curriculum allows us to continue to emphasise the Portuguese Language and History while implementing this respected International programme. This gives students an advantage if they wish to stay in the country for their university studies and careers, and adds linguistic and cultural value to those who plan to live abroad.

Additionally, as part of our exclusive laptop BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programme, our students have access to cutting-edge digital resources and technology that enhance their learning experience and prepare them for the tech-savvy workplaces of the future.


Lisbon International Senior School curriculum

Lower Senior School Key Stage 3 Curriculum Outline

In Lower Senior School, students start learning the Cambridge Key Stage Three curriculum from Grade 6. They study English and Portuguese Language and Literature, Maths, the three natural sciences (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology), a range of Humanities subjects (Geography and History), a range of Arts subjects (Art, Design, Drama, and Music), Physical Education, Digital Technology and a choice of Modern Foreign Languages (currently French and Spanish). We keep the curriculum broad to ensure students have a better range of choices at IGCSE, A Levels and IBDP levels later on.

Children exhibit a natural willingness to accept challenges, especially in the years of Lower Senior School. This is something we take advantage of to motivate students to develop creativity, critical thinking, drive, resilience and the courage to step out of their comfort zones. Hence, project-based learning continues to connect subjects and challenge students even further.

The academic dimension of the programme is key, but so is the development of soft skills and other attributes from the PaRK IS Learner Profile, which contribute to creating well-rounded, caring individuals.

Lower Senior School Programme Approach

In Lower Senior School, our teaching and learning practices can be organised under four pedagogical axioms:

Educational Approach of Senior Schools Lisbon

Project-based Learning

Lisbon Secondary Schools


Lisbon Senior School subjects

Autonomous Work & Individual Learning Improvement

International Senior School in Lisbon

Class Management & Organisation

Lisbon Secondary School students

Lower Senior School Cambridge Key Stage 3 Subjects

Curriculum Subjects:

  • Arts & Design
  • Design Technology
  • English
  • Geography
  • History
  • Digital Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Physical Education
  • Portuguese
  • General Science (Grade 6 and 7)
  • Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Grade 8)
  • Spanish/French (Grade 7 and 8)
Other Subjects:
Social Skills
Teachers for Secondary Schools in Lisbon

Our Dedicated Senior School Teachers

Our committed and qualified Lower Senior School teachers are experts in their subjects and provide engaging lessons to our students, preparing them for the academic rigour required at IGCSE, A Levels, and IB levels. Their approach, which includes individualised learning strategies, helps students achieve academic excellence in the Cambridge Key Stage 3 years and beyond. They are always available to help students whenever they need further support to achieve their full potential.

At PaRK IS we aim to ensure that every senior school student has access to the highest quality academic monitoring and support from subject teachers, tutors, the Learning Diversity Department, Heads of Year and Senior Leadership. All senior school students have their academic achievement and progress monitored and tracked on a termly basis and appropriate and effective support occurs in and out of lesson time. Students have 10 minutes each morning with their tutor to register and organise themselves for the day ahead. In addition, all senior school students have one hour per week for Year Group Time. This takes the form of year group assemblies, the social skills curriculum and extended time with their tutors.


Lisbon Senior School Campus

Our Lower Senior School Facilities in Alfragide, Lisbon

Our Lower Senior School is based in the Alfragide Campus south building, which offers state-of-the-art facilities including spacious and modern classrooms with technology, labs, art studios, and an auditorium for drama and music performances. Sports activities take place in the multi-sport pavilion and other sporting fields outdoors. Our outstanding facilities contribute to enhancing the students' educational experience and increase their chances of achieving success.

Activities in Lower Senior School

Students at Lower Senior School have creative and performing arts subjects, sports, and technology. As the development of social skills is a priority, students receive dedicated sessions and take part in other activities such as the Fellowship programme and Houses competitions. 

Moreover, LSS students participate in frequent School Assemblies and have a wide range of co-curricular clubs and extracurricular activities to choose from. Students can also join the PaRK Music Academy and the PaRK Team which plays in competitions with other international schools. All these opportunities allow students to explore their interests further and develop important skills from the PaRK IS Learner Profile.

Lisbon Secondary Schools Sports programmes



Music programme of Senior School in Lisbon


Lisbon Senior years Drama curriculum


Secondary Schools Lisbon with art facilities

Visual Arts

Technology at International Secondary Schools of Lisbon


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