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Early Learning School

Our Daycare and Kindergarten in Lisbon is available on our three campuses. Young learners receive a bilingual education in Portuguese and English that allows them to acquire both languages through immersion without translation in a nurturing Early Learning School environment. At PaRK IS, we prioritise a child-driven education: our young explorers are actively engaged in new experiences daily, fostering their curiosity, autonomy, motivation, empathy, and love for learning. Our preschool in Lisbon embraces a project and play-based approach with positive discipline, enabling children to explore all aspects of the kindergarten curriculum, including Maths, Science, Reading, and Writing. This provides a solid base for successful learning outcomes in Junior School.

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Why Choose Our Nursery and Kindergarten in Lisbon?

In our Preschool in Lisbon, we understand the value of early childhood experiences. Our attentive teachers create an Early Learning School atmosphere where children can explore, discover, and grow. Through sensory experiences, play, and individualised guided activities, children's natural curiosity, problem-solving, creativity, and language development can flourish. We prioritise each child's individual pace, fostering self-esteem, while providing age-appropriate challenges that promote a positive attitude towards success. Our daycare and kindergarten environment and routines are carefully planned to adapt to all developmental stages from 1 to 5.

On the other hand, our bilingual programme empowers young learners to explore and enhance their language skills in Portuguese and English, preparing them to excel in Junior School. We also offer a robust English programme option on our Alfragide campus for Early Learning children from the age of 3.

Our unique daycare and kindergarten approach focuses on relationship-building, project-based learning, positive discipline, and the power of play, hence providing children with a solid foundation for lifelong learning and success.


Preschool Curriculum

In our preschool in Lisbon, the child's individual rhythm and motivation always shape their learning programme. Guided by our attentive teachers and using a project and play-based approach, children gain the confidence and skills to apply the knowledge and abilities they acquire. 

Early Learning School classrooms are organised by areas of interest, with different learning resources and materials. The nature of each learning corner dictates the kind of activities that can be performed there: role-play, visual arts, reading and writing, mathematics, and science. 

For 1 and 2-year-old children, we offer a bilingual approach. Then, parents can choose either a Bilingual stream or a full English stream from the 3-Year-Old Classrooms and above:

Bilingual Stream

In our Bilingual stream, children are accompanied by a fluent Portuguese teacher and a fluent English teacher during activities and playtime. From an early age, children have contact with the English language through weekly activities with English teachers and assistants, allowing them to learn the language naturally through conversation, play, and small challenges. Physical Education and Music classes are taught in English from the age of 1.

English Stream

In our English stream (available from 3 to 5 years old at the Alfragide Campus), children are guided by an English teacher and a teaching assistant, becoming fully immersed in the English language. English language development extends to Physical Education and Music classes. During non-teaching moments, children engage with Portuguese culture and language through interactions with their bilingual peers at lunchtime and during playtime.


Lisbon Kindergarten curriculum

Our exclusive daycare and kindergarten curriculum is based on five pillars that guide our pedagogical practice: relationship, environment, project work, positive discipline and play.


The relationship between the children and their homeroom teachers is vital in our early years programme, fostering cognitive and emotional skills, as well as healthy social behaviour. Positive interactions create a safe environment for children to explore, experience, and overcome challenges.


Our preschool classrooms are intentionally organised by "corners", providing areas of interest with resources and materials readily available for children. This environment promotes curiosity, creativity, and meaningful learning, enhancing individual and social skills. Children also actively take part in group meetings and daily routines (attendance tables, guardians of the day, word, number and “I know!” challenges, calendars and enrolment sheets in each one of the corners).

Project Work

In our kindergarten, we foster a culture of active learning where children take on a central role in the learning process. We engage children in active research processes, promoting their natural curiosity and communication skills. Projects are based on different themes that interest the group and a guiding framework. Each project is divided into stages, allowing children to explore topics, present their learnings, and evaluate their progress.

Positive Discipline

Our positive discipline philosophy of firm but affectionate education encourages children to become responsible, respectful, resilient, and resourceful problem-solvers. We believe in the critical role of relationships and a nurturing preschool environment in successful learning outcomes. Mistakes are seen as learning opportunities and children understand how their actions directly influence their environment and their lives.


Play is an essential component of learning in our daycare and kindergarten, fostering socio-emotional, cognitive, language, and self-regulation abilities. Our dynamic classrooms encourage exploration, playfulness, and interconnections between different learning areas, guided by specialised early years teachers who inspire and motivate the children.

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Technology and innovation play a vital role in early childhood education at PaRK IS, enriching learning experiences and promoting cognitive development. Technology has incredible potential to cultivate creativity, problem-solving skills, and overall growth. To introduce our students to technology and innovation, we employ interactive tools like Spheros, OSMO kits, Dash&Dot, mTiny bot, and cubelets, along with tech-free activities thoughtfully curated by our teachers.

We seek to implement a digital, innovative mindset across our preschool projects. The integration of technology in Project-Based Learning is a guiding philosophy that we teach and nurture every day.

We strongly believe in providing our kindergarten students with the freedom to explore and innovate, as it is essential to their understanding of concepts and building their technological capabilities. Our Early Learning School curriculum is designed to be adaptable and is limited only by our collective imagination.


Lisbon Preschool teachers

Early Learning School Teachers

Our dedicated team of experienced teachers and staff in our Early Learning School creates a nurturing and supportive environment where the child's personal rhythm and motivation shape their learning journey. Our team ensures personalised attention and support to each child by creating a warm and inclusive atmosphere where children can explore, learn, and thrive. Our daycare and kindergarten teachers are committed to fostering positive relationships, understanding individual needs, and inspiring a love for learning. Together, we create an enriching experience that nurtures the unique potential of every child.

Nursery and Kindergarten Activities

Children in our kindergarten can participate in a wide range of enriching activities as part of our exclusive curriculum, such as Music lessons, Physical Education or Creative and Performing Arts. In addition to these, children can take part in exciting extracurricular activities adapted to their specific age groups after school, from sports to personal development.

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