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Are you passionate and committed to sport? Unlock your full potential as a dedicated and passionate sports player through our exclusive Inspired Sports Programme, for students from Grades 6 to 12.

The Inspired Sports Programme is designed for driven students with aspirations to become accomplished athletes and players. With a focus on individualised education, it integrates sports into both academic progress and school life. Providing personalised tutoring that enables athletes to excel, the programme ensures that academic and sports development progress together. Sports students can dedicate themselves to their sport of choice during their regular school hours. The programme offers a flexible timetable with additional academic support, physical conditioning sessions, nutrition and psychology appointments.

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Who Is Eligible?

Becoming an Inspired Sports student will ensure the best outcomes in both sports and academics. Led by our Head of Sports, the sports programme provides personalised support that enables athletes to excel. Working closely with the Deputy Head Academics, sports coaches, and parents, our Head of Sports ensures that students are focused on academic progress alongside sports advancement.

Inspired Sports is open for students who are:

  • In Grades 6 to Grade 12 (Grade 9 to 12 students need approval from the Deputy Head Academics)
  • A member of a federation
  • Committed to sports, academic study, and the school

As a student-athlete in the Inspired Sports Programme, a high level of commitment is required. Students can follow their sporting dreams and participate in the sports they are passionate about. In return, a level of responsibility is demanded when catching up on missed lessons and ensuring all assessments are completed in line with the teachers’ expectations. To join the sports programme, students must have demonstrated a good attitude towards learning and be kind and respectful members of the school community.


Unlock Your True Potential with this Programme Led by Our Head of Sports



Our Head of Sports, Bruno Soares, studied Sports Science at Faculdade de Motricidade Humana in Portugal and has over 15 years of experience in education. Bruno has been working at PaRK IS since 2007, working his way up from Physical Education Teacher to Head of Sports. Past experiences include competing in basketball at a high level and coaching all ages. He is a surf and racket sports lover, and nature explorer, and a huge fan of all sports, believing they play an essential role in the development of a student's personality.

Bruno Soares, Head of Sports

Advantages of the Inspired Sports Programme

1. Benefit from an Adaptable Timetable

The sports programme allows the flexibility to attend more training sessions and enter competitions. Students can catch up on anything they have missed through access to different resources, including recorded lessons and extra work via Google Classroom and Canvas.

2. Look after Your Mind and Body

Physical and mental well-being are vital to sporting and academic success; the Inspired Sports Programme includes one psychological session (adapted to sports) and one nutrition session per month, in addition to physical conditioning sessions.

3. Inspired’s History of Success

As an Inspired school, our sports students benefit from the Inspired history of delivering sports programmes that produce world-class athletes. Opportunities are maximised to obtain sports scholarships at top universities.

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How the Sports Programme Works

To maximise the full benefits of taking part in the programme, students can enrol in term 1 or term 2 (only if there are vacancies), but not in term 3, and should enrolled students wish to leave they must complete the full term first.

Sports students will follow the same curriculum as all PaRK IS students in their year group, attending the cycle tests and exams schedules; exceptions may apply for internal assessments when a sports student is at a competition, following approval by the academics and sports departments.

Students who have successfully enrolled and actively engaged in the programme will have the opportunity to renew their membership annually.

The Sports Programme will entail an additional fee per school year.

At the Inspired Sports Programme, we strive to create an environment of excellence and enthusiasm. We believe that the commitment and positive attitude of our students are key to their success. In the event that a student does not show a good attitude towards learning and fails to show the responsibility needed to catch up with missed classes, sadly they will be removed from the programme. This is to maintain our high academic standards and to enable all our other students to excel at the sport they love. 

The sports programme is amazing for students who pursue their dreams in academics and sports. If you are a student who would like to become a focused athlete and achieve good grades on your exams, this programme is for you! The nutrition, psychology, and physical conditioning sessions are a great supplement for our lives, and they have helped us reach our goals and maintain a steady pathway to success.

— Matilde F. (Grade 10) , Dressage

I really enjoy the Sports Programme because it helps me enhance various aspects of my sport that I wouldn't be able to amplify if not for this programme. I especially benefit from my Nutrition and Psychology appointments, which boost my physical and mental strength. This enables me to balance academics and sports, achieving good results in both.

— Samuel S. (Grade 9) , Football

The Sports program is very good if you take advantage of everything. It helps you with nutrition (what is healthy and good to eat to enhance performance), psychology (it helps you with mental health), and physical conditioning (it helps you to target the right areas to exercise). Above all, it helps us excel in our sport while maintaining a focus on academics.

— Francisco S. (Grade 6), Jiu Jitsu

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