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Grades 9 & 10 - Upper Senior School

Our Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) programme in Lisbon, designed for students between 14 and 16 years old, is globally recognised for its unrivalled academic excellence. It is a rigorous, flexible, and diverse curriculum, offering an international approach while maintaining local relevance. IGCSE students become intellectually curious, culturally aware, and capable of applying their knowledge to real-world situations. This Cambridge International pathway develops a solid foundation of knowledge and 21st-century skills, preparing students to excel in either the Cambridge International A Levels or the IB Diploma Programme in their final years of school, as well as at university.

With our exceptional preparation, our IGCSE students achieve extraordinary results in their exams, with some receiving 'Top in the World', 'Top in Europe' and 'Top in Portugal' Cambridge International Awards, as well as Outstanding Pearson Learner Awards for subjects like Mathematics, Languages, Chemistry and Biology.

Best IGCSE education in Lisbon

Why Choose PaRK IS Alfragide to Study IGCSE?

Our Cambridge IGCSE in Lisbon is the ideal progression from our Lower Senior School qualification and offers a robust, broad-ranging programme which is an excellent foundation for further study, including the IB Diploma and A Levels offered at Grades 11 and 12 in our Alfragide campus. The IGCSE curriculum, designed specifically for the international context, allows students to develop their skills in a wide range of disciplines and achieve academic excellence. It is suited to students worldwide, including those for whom English is not their first language.

At PaRK IS Alfragide we offer IGCSEs from Cambridge International Examinations and Pearson Edexcel, which are the world’s most popular international qualifications for students in this age group.

Our teaching approach to IGCSE offers a combination of technology with traditional, personalised teaching methods, ensuring students have access to the most up-to-date resources. This empowers students to reach their full academic and personal potential and achieve exceptional examination results, equipping them with the necessary skills to succeed in the workplace of the future.


Lisbon Schools following the IGCSE curriculum

IGCSE Facilities & Resources

In our IGCSE in Lisbon, classrooms are equipped with all the necessary technology, allowing teachers to deliver dynamic and engaging lessons. Our IGCSE students have access to a wide range of digital resources, such as online textbooks and educational apps, which complement traditional teaching methods. Through the integration of technology via the BYOD programme, we aim to develop students to become critical thinkers, problem solvers, and responsible digital users.

Cambridge International Education in Lisbon

Cambridge IGCSE Course Subject Options

At the Cambridge IGCSE stage, our students make choices about the subjects they want to pursue and in which they will take internationally recognised examinations at the end of Grade 10. They are required to take a number of core subjects to achieve this international qualification and select others from a list of options, including at least one from the Humanities to ensure a solid knowledge base for the IB Diploma Programme or A Levels. Alongside the IGCSE course subjects, students continue to follow our Social Skills programme which has been developed from the Early Learning School.

Every student in Grades 9 and 10 will take the following core subjects:

  • Either English First Language or English Second Language
  • English Literature (if they are taking English First Language)
  • Either Portuguese First Language or Portuguese Foreign Language
  • Mathematics (Foundation or Higher Tier)
  • Double or Triple Science Award (Biology, Chemistry & Physics)
  • Physical Education Core (internal, non-examined course)

Students are left with either 2 or 3 Optional Subjects depending on their Science choice. If a student takes Triple Award Science, they will have 2 choices from the Optional Subjects. If a student takes Double Award Science, they will have 3 choices from the Optional Subjects.

Optional Subjects include:

  • Art & Design
  • Business Studies
  • Computer Science
  • Design & Technology - Resistant Materials
  • Drama
  • French - Foreign Language
  • Geography
  • Global Perspectives
  • History
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • Spanish - Foreign Language

These IGCSE subjects are taught during this two-year cycle, ending with external examinations set by Cambridge or Pearson Edexcel International examination boards.

IGCSE Assessment

At the end of Grade 10 in our IGCSE school in Lisbon, students take external examinations, either from Cambridge or Pearson Edexcel, depending on the subject. Science, Music, and Portuguese Second Language exams are administered by Pearson Edexcel, while the remaining IGCSEs are conducted by Cambridge. This may vary from year to year. Results for these exams are issued in August.

For all the subjects examined at Cambridge IGCSE, the level of attainment will be measured on a scale from A* to G, with A* being the highest grade; with Edexcel attainment is measured from 9 to 1 with 9 being the highest grade. Many subjects, however, offer a choice of core and extended papers to ensure suitability for students with different levels of academic ability.


IGCSE Activities at PaRK IS

In addition to academic subjects, sports and the arts are key pillars in our upper senior school approach. Since the creative and performing arts are another tool to help our students express their ideas and emotions, our IGCSE subject offer includes Art & Design, Design & Technology, Drama and Music. Physical Education is part of the curriculum at every age level. These activities are also available as co-curricular clubs or extracurricular options, from PaRK Team to PaRK Music Academy or the Drama Club.

Cambridge School with Drama classes


Music at Cambridge Schools in Portugal


IGCSE programme with Arts classes

Visual Arts

Lisbon Schools with IGCSE Programme


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International General Certificate for Secondary Education Lisbon

Specialised IGCSE Teachers

Our highly qualified International General Certificate for Secondary Education teachers are experts in their subjects and provide engaging and demanding lessons to our students, preparing them for success in the IGCSE examinations and laying a strong foundation for further study in the IB Diploma Programme, A Levels and higher education. They are always available to help students whenever they need further support to achieve their full potential.

Differences between GCSE and IGCSE

Cambridge IGCSE was developed as a GCSE examination for international use. The academic demands and standards of Cambridge IGCSE are equivalent to those of the UK GCSE. However, Cambridge IGCSE exams are tailored for a multi–cultural, multilingual audience in a way that UK GCSE exams are not. Nevertheless, they are aligned with the standards of the UK GCSE and are equivalent on a subject–for–subject, grade–for–grade basis. Cambridge IGCSE qualifications are accepted as equivalent to UK GCSEs by leading universities worldwide.

Lisbon Schools with Cambridge qualification

IGCSE Qualifications: Cambridge & Pearson Edexcel

During Grades 9 and 10 at PaRK IS, students study the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSEs). IGCSEs are not a group award, but are a set of individual qualifications based on subjects of study, meaning a student receives an “IGCSE” qualification for each subject taken.

In our school, all Science (double and triple award), Music and Portuguese Second language are all Pearson Edexcel IGCSE examinations, while the rest of the IGCSEs are Cambridge examinations. Subject content varies between examination boards, and PaRK IS chooses the course that we feel best suits our students interests and aptitudes.

Further Study post-IGCSE

The Cambridge IGCSE provides a highly respected international qualification and is a great foundation for further study, including A Levels and the IB Diploma Programme, but also for higher education in top universities both in Portugal and abroad.

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