Considering PaRK IS

Why choose PaRK IS?

PaRK IS is focused on key attributes beyond the core academic quality that every fine school seeks.

We are strongly committed to our mission and our Student Profile. We believe that as a school that prepares children for the world of tomorrow we must focus not only on content but also on skills. Content will change overtime, facts will evolve and new truths will emerge. However, if our students know how to obtain knowledge and how to apply it with integrity, creativity, pragmatism and leadership they will be prepared to face the constant changes of a global world.

We are strongly committed to innovation and technology. At PaRK IS we cultivate a culture of innovation and view the integration of technology as being intimately connected with the process of innovation. As a school we encourage our students and teachers to be comfortable with experimentation. Cultivating a culture where both teachers and students are comfortable with uncertainty is in our view paramount to prepare our students for their grown up lives. We research collectively and understand that students, teachers and staff are ready to bring useful knowledge to the table. By doing this together we show students that uncertainty is a natural process of life and experimentation is necessary when trying new ideas. We think being comfortable in this environment is a lifelong lesson.

We think globally and responsibly. Although we can never be certain about the future, we may already predict it will require our students to respond to an international and rigorous environment and work across cultures and borders. Technology coupled with an innovative mind-set and proficiency of a second language will allow our students to navigate confidently through the world in this manner. We want our students to be able to contribute to society with their own stories and cultures. At a young age we allow them the time and space to get to know their individual culture, the country they live and the stories that fabricate our historical and cultural paradigms. By Grade 5 we begin to change our emphasis on the global society and introduce the International Curriculum. Students are required to question what they know, learn different points of view and observe and interact with the world around them. We believe that our students must already confidently work together across cultures and borders as this will truly prepare them for a successful and confident future.

We believe that happiness is the first step to successful learning. We care about our students and work hard to give them the security they need to achieve their personal best in every subject.

We value family and are working hard towards becoming an all through school – siblings have preference when applying. As PaRK IS grows we are going to extend our services up until Grade 12 already in September 2021 – the school will grow incrementally with the students that are currently attending PaRK IS.