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PaRK International School in Lisbon, Portugal offers world-class private education to students from 1 to 18 on three purpose-built campuses with outstanding facilities in prime locations in Lisbon. Our international curriculum is innovative, challenging and tailored to each age group, with technology integration and a focus on academic achievement, arts, sports and social skills. Students receive an exceptional bilingual education from the early years until Grade 4, followed by the Cambridge International Pathway from Grade 5, including the IGCSE, A Levels, and the world-renowned IB Diploma Programme.

Our rigorous preparation with outstanding individualised support yields excellent outcomes in both IGCSE and IB Diploma exams, with students attaining the world's highest grades in particular subjects and surpassing world averages. These results and our comprehensive university and careers programme ensure that our graduates secure acceptance to leading universities in Portugal and abroad.


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Benefits of Our Holistic Approach

At PaRK IS, we care about the holistic development of each student. Our learners benefit from inspiring extracurricular and co-curricular activities across our campuses to cultivate their unique talents and skills in sports, technology, music, dance, drama, academics and personal development, further enriching their learning journey.

With our bespoke international education, your child will achieve academic excellence, become proficient in more than one language and develop key life skills to be successful and happy in our fast-paced, globalised world. We look forward to welcoming you to the PaRK IS family.

Discover Our 3 Campuses in Lisbon

Our three purpose-built campuses, located in prime locations in the Lisbon area, cater to over 2,000 students, providing them with state-of-the-art facilities and technology for academic studies, visual and performing arts, music and sports, allowing students to achieve their personal best in every aspect of their academic and personal lives.

Our campuses offer a familiar yet dynamic environment with a welcoming multicultural community. In each one of them, students receive an individualised, multilingual and project-based education which will develop key life skills to help them tackle future challenges.

Why Choose Our International Private School in Lisbon?

At PaRK International School in Lisbon, our educational programmes provide a well-rounded learning experience with technology integration. Our blend of bilingual education, Cambridge International and IB Diploma is unique in Portugal, developing an extensive knowledge base, multilingual proficiency, 21st-century skills, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

With individualised support from our expert teachers, counsellors and well-being team, our students achieve outstanding grades in international examinations and secure admission to their first-choice universities in Portugal and abroad, including institutions in the world-renowned Russell Group (notably, UCL, Imperial College, Durham) and other top universities in Europe, such as Bocconi, Nova SBE, Tilburg, or Leuven. Their excellent preparation ensures a competitive advantage in accessing and excelling in the most ambitious career paths.

PaRK IS' educational programmes are further enriched across our campuses with various curricular and extracurricular activities, notably PaRK Music Academy, arts, and sports. Our Alfragide campus is the largest in Lisbon for learners to unleash and cultivate their unique talents: PaRK Team competes against other international schools with outstanding results across divisions, and students can also follow a unique elite sports programme from Grades 6 to 12, aligning their sporting passions with academic success.

The results speak for themselves - our schools are almost always full. We recommend that parents apply at least one year in advance to guarantee a place for their child.


Melhor Sistema Educativo Internacional de Lisboa

A Bespoke International Curriculum

A unique blend of bilingual education, Cambridge International & IBDP with technology integration & 21st-century skills for future success

Currículo Colégio Privado Lisboa

Academic Excellence & Life Skills

Our curriculum focuses on academic achievement & on empowering students with the skills they need to thrive in their future endeavours

Escolas Lisboa com Preparacao Universitaria

Best-in-Class University & Careers Programme

A forward-thinking University & Careers preparation programme from Grade 1, leading to admission to top institutions in Portugal and internationally

Escola Privada Lisboa com melhor programa desportivo

The 1st School with a Dedicated Sports Programme

An elite programme for driven students in Grades 6-12 with aspirations to become accomplished athletes, fusing sports and academic excellence.

Academic Stages

Outstanding Academic Results

At PaRK International School, we are proud of how our students consistently achieve outstanding academic results in formal examinations.


IBDP Exam Results 2023

43 out of 45

Highest Points Score


Average Points Score


Students attaining the Bilingual Diploma

An Inspired School

Our international school in Lisbon is a proud member of the Inspired Education Group, and therefore our students have access to an exclusive international community of 100+ premium private schools around the world offering unique opportunities and overseas experiences, including outstanding exchange programmes and summer camps. Innovative practices permeate Inspired Schools' educational programmes, which are further enriched by a wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities spanning academic development, sports, performing and creative arts. The Inspired Education approach leads to engaged, happy and high-achieving learners.

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