Our mission statement states that we aim to mentor our students to become confident adults. A large part of growing up into a confident individual depends on one’s ability to deal with failure. Successful and happy adults often show high levels of resilience and drive. How do we make sure that we enable these skills in our students?

PaRK IS strongly believes in individual learning journeys. Children often have unique learning rhythms and these must be respected in order to raise confident adults.

High self-esteem, confidence and motivation can be developed with intervening at the right time. Our team of counsellors believes in guiding students to making progress. This guided progress gives our students validation of their hard work and allows them to experience the benefits of their effort. It shows students the benefits of resilience and drive.

This guided progress can occur inside or outside the classroom depending on what we believe is more appropriate for each child.

If you have any questions about our counselling programme or our team please contact us here.


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